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Conscientious and competent professionals!

Expo Pros is able to offer an exceptional installation and dismantle teams made up of hand-picked trade show exhibit professionals and lead technicians with whom we are personally familiar and who have a proven track record of efficiency and performance. Our crews consist of conscientious and competent people who care about the process and want you to look good.

Make the most of your trade show budget. Size really doesn't matter to us, We work just as hard for our smaller trade show clients! With graphics and lighting your 10 x 10 display stand can still make an impact on the show floor. It is rewarding to watch our clients start with 10x10 displays and grow into bigger companies with much larger exhibition display stands.

While Expo Pros is happy to manage your small trade show display stands, we truly excel on the show floor with the large exhibits, ballroom setups and country pavilions. We have been setting the Prestige Promenade at the JCK show since 2004, Coldwell Banker at the ICSC Recon Show since 2006, as well as many other large footprint exhibitors!